September 2017

8.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Jakarta, Indonesia

Day 1
8.00 AM Arrival of Guests & Registration / Refreshments
10.00 AM Opening Ceremony
Welcoming Remarks by the Hon. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman, WIEF Foundation
Speech by Representative, City of Jakarta
10.30 AM Session 1 – Scaling-up the Global Green Economy
Many economies are built on huge strengths – a well-educated population, rich natural resources and established manufacturing base, and good governing systems.  How can these strengths be leveraged for advantage in a global green economy?  This session will also look at the competitive advantage that nations could exploit to prosper in a global green economy.
12.00 PM Lunch / Informal Networking
2.00 PM Session 2The Innovators: Case Studies
These diverse businesses offer glimpses of what the transition to a green economy can look like, through transformation, disruption and innovation of traditional business models.  Learn from their stories, their keys to success, the challenges they face, the solutions they have found and their future plans.
3.30 PM Session 3 Investment Drivers for a Green Economy
The development of a green economy will need to attract and retain significant investment flows.  The full spectrum of the investment community – from venture capital to public funding agencies to mainstream investment banking – plays a critical role in driving growth and incentivizing change.  They assess risks and opportunities, provide the capital for business to realize green growth and are looking to invest in the green economy.  This session will explore the current and future challenges and opportunities for the investor and what it will take to attract more capital.
5.00 PM End of WIEF Roundtable
Refreshments/Informal Networking
5.30 PM WIEF VIP Closed Door Session