10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Corinthia Hotel, London

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12.45 PM Arrival of Guests & Registration
1.00 PM Lunch
2.00 PM 6th WIEF Roundtable Introductory Speech by Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Member of the International Advisory Panel (IAP), WIEF Foundation
2.05 PM Welcome Address by the Hon. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman, WIEF Foundation
2.15 PM Session1 | Challenges and Opportunities to Doing Business with the Muslim World

With positive growth prospects across much of the Muslim World, particularly in the Asian and African region, there is a surging interest in Europe to venture overseas to capitalise on these burgeoning markets. Though resources can be relatively cheap, bureaucratic red-tape and regressive policies are bad news for business in some parts of the region. But changes are happening fast, and the region looks set for high growth in the next decade.

• What are the main challenges to set up business in the Muslim World?
• What are the many incentives and guarantees to investment?
• What are the key growth areas that are seeking foreign investments?

• Lord Michael Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship & Diversity, KPMG
•Edward Oakden, Managing Director of Strategic Trade, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), UK

•Prof. Danny Quah, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics, Member of WEF Global Agenda Council on Economic Imbalances& Member, National Economic Action Council (2009-2011), Malaysia

3.30 PM Session 2 Eurozone Crisis: Lessons for the Muslim World

The Eurozone crisis has threatened Euro’s future in many ways. An array of Europe’s economies are suffering impending default, record high unemployment and economic implosion. The contagion went beyond Europe’s periphery into Europe’s core economies of Italy, England and Spain. While austerity measures helped cut public debt, it dampens investor confidence and impedes economic growth. The Eurozone now faces its most difficult period, with economic stagnancy and even the collapse of the Euro looming just around the corner.

• What are the lessons learnt from the Eurozone crisis and how can the Muslim World take heed?
• How can the world establish a crisis monitoring system to predict an impending financial disaster?
• What is the role of the Muslim World to help contain the crisis?

• David Marsh, Co-Chairman, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, UK

• Nigel B. Denison, Head of Treasury & Wealth Management, Bank of London and the Middle East, UK

5.00 PM End of programme & refreshments
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