8:30 AM - 4.00 PM

InterContinental Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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8.30 AM Arrival of Guests & Registration
9.00 AM Opening Ceremony
Welcome Remarks by H.E. Oknha Datuk Othsman Hassan, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister & Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
9.10 AM Speech by the Hon. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman, WIEF Foundation & Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
10.00 AM Session 1 | Islamic Microfinance: Catalyzing Change for Inclusive Growth

Islamic microfinance combines Islamic finance’s social principle of caring for the less fortunate with microfinance’s power to provide financial access to the poor. In order to provide access to sustainable services on scale, it is imperative for Islamic microfinance to adopt innovative and sound practices for the industry to flourish.This session will discuss:

  • the new developments taking place and how the industry can adapt to these changes
  • the impact of mobile banking and technology on the industry
  • the regulation and policy required in the wake of digital technology
  • the current views on the use of cash waqf as a source of funding and the need to integrate them with Islamic microfinance


  • Prof. Datuk Dr Syed Othman Alhabshi, Deputy President Academic, International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF), Malaysia
  • Mr. Tarek M. Genema, Consultant, VTrust Appraisal, Cambodia
  • Mr. Kunrat Wirasubrata, Acting Director, Islamic Development Bank Group Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Mr. Muhd Ramadhan Fitri bin Ellias, Executive Vice President & Head of Shariah Management, Maybank Islamic Berhad, Malaysia
11.30 AM Session 2 | SME Development in the Borderless World: Forging Ahead

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the world’s most concentrated, booming and innovative engine for world trade and growth. They are operating in an extraordinary business environment. Increasing globalization, heavy competition, fast changing technologies – SMEs are no more immune to these issues than large multinational corporations.The session will discuss:

  • the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of SMEs
  • the transformation needed to be successful in global business
  • the cross border trade and investment opportunities as well as collaboration with the commencement of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)


  • Mr. Soum Sambath, Secretary General, Federation of Associations for Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia (FASMEC) and Chief Executive Officer, Cambodian Chemical Supply Co., Ltd., Cambodia
  • Dato’ Hafsah Hashim, Chief Executive Officer, SME Corp, Malaysia
  • Mr. Salih Tuna Sahin, Vice President, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation(KOSGEB), Turkey


  • Mr. Lem Chansamrach, Executive Director, Cambodia Investor Club and Director, Joy Pure Drinking Water, Cambodia(NEW)
1.00 PM Lunch / Informal Networking
2.30 PM Session 3 | Higher Education: Creating World Class Institutions Through International Cooperation

The growth of public and private higher education is a global phenomenon, driven by economic and demographic change. It has resulted in extensive collaborative opportunities for international higher education institutions and education businesses.This session will discuss:

  • the role of governments as catalyst in creating world class education systems
  • the challenges and constraints faced by higher educational institutions
  • the importance of institutional engagement and other stakeholders to help innovate and improve the quality of teaching and learning


  • Dr. Chanrith Ngin, Dean, Faculty of Development Studies Royal University of Phnom Penh
  • Mr Ajith Kumar Basu, Chief Program Executive, Agastya International Foundation, India
  • Dr. Ari S. W Poespodihardjo, PhD, Lecturer/Researcher, London School of Public Relations (LSPR) – Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd Noordin, Chairman, WIEF Education Trust
4.00 PM End of WIEF Roundtable


Mr. SOUM Sambath, 43, is the CEO of Cambodian Chemical Supply Co., Ltd. (Cam-Paint). He was an orphanage since he was six years old and used to live in a refugee camp near Thai border.He has no chance to graduate any degree in his study background, finished only primary school. However, he has never lost hope in his life.

Mr. SOUM Sambath had worked for two organizations, UNPRO and UNTAC, before starting with other ten private local and multinational companies. With his talent and struggle, he got very success in his job career starting from a salesman to top management within only ten years.And in 2004, he started his own business called Cam-Paint which is now the biggest local paint manufacturer in Cambodia.

Mr. SOUM Sambath has never stopped developing his knowledge. Even he finished only level six but not less than one thousand books in different field he has read and hundreds of short-course trainings both in country and abroad he has participated.

With his commitment in developing general knowledge, Mr. SOUM Sambath became a very successful person both in business and social recognition. He has been invited to be guest speaker and interviewee in many programs on TV, newspaper, magazine, conference, and workshop focused on Business, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.He was also appointed to be Secretary General of Federation of Association for Small and Medium Enterprise of Cambodia (FASMEC).


Dato’ Hafsah Hashim has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since March 2005. As the Chief Executive Officer of SME Corporation Malaysia, she is responsible in coordinating and overseeing policies for the overall development of SMEs in this country. Having served under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Primary Industries, Dato’ Hafsah has acquired many years of experience and knowledge that has allowed her to be entrusted to hold top positions in the civil service. She is also a Board Member, Council Member, Advisory Panel and member of various esteemed and well-known organisations, corporations, councils, and committees. Recently she has been appointed as a Senior Vice President (Development) for the International Council of Small Business (ICSB)”



Mr. Salih Tuna Sahin  has been serving in KOSGEB as the Vice President since 2007. He studied metallurgical and materials engineering in Middle East Technical University between 1990-1995 and started his career in Turkish Standards Institution.  He became the Ministerial Advisor of the Ministry of Industry andTrade in 1999. He moved to KOSGEB in 2000 as a VicePresident. He was appointed to the Turkish Standards Institution (TSI) as a Head of the Supervisory Board.

He was assigned as Acting President of KOSGEB in 2002. He became the Adviser to President between 2003-2007. He has been assigned as theHead of Personnel Certification Commission of the TSI since 2005 and the Head of Neutrality Commission of the TSI since 2007.He was the Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of the Credit Quarantee Fund between 2007and 2015.

He has been  appointed as the Member of ExecutiveComittes of the Turkish Research & Business  Organizations Public  & Private Partnership (TURBO) since 2008 and as theMember of the Board of Directors of the ?stanbul Venture Capital Initiative (IVCI) between 2008-2013. He has been  appointed the Vice President of the IVCI since June 2013.


Mr. Ramji Raghavan is the Founder & Chairman of Agastya International Foundation (www.agastya.org), the world’s largest hands-on mobile science education program for economically disadvantaged children and rural teachers, to support and transform primary and secondary education in India. Operating with a fleet of 116 Mobile Labs, 47 Science Centers, 59 Lab on Bikes, and a 173-acre campus Creativity Lab near Bengaluru, Agastya has impacted over 6 million economically disadvantaged children and about 200,000 rural school teachers through creative hands-on science education. Agastya’s innovative ‘TechLaBike Project’ was one of four winners of the Google Global Impact Award in 2013.

Mr. Raghavan served as member of Prime Minister’s National Knowledge Commission, Board member of Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi, Karnataka State Innovation Council and Executive Council member of Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. In 2009 Mr. Raghavan was elected as a Senior Fellow by ‘Ashoka: Innovators for the public’ and in 2011 he was conferred the People’s Hero Award by the ‘Confederation of Indian Industry’ (CII).

Mr. Raghavan has an MBA from London Business School and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Studies from International Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands. He is an alumnus of Delhi University and Rishi Valley School.



PROF. DATUK DR. SYED OTHMAN ALHABSHI is the Deputy President Academic  of INCEIF.  He joined INCEIF as Professor of Islamic Economics & Econometrics and Head of Takaful Faculty in March 2007.

He holds a B.Ec (Hons) in Statistics from University of Malaya, M.S. (Statistics) from University of Wisconsin, U.S.A. and Ph.D.in Econometrics from University of Birmingham, U.K. Since 1969, he has served in various academic capacities in four public universities in the country, namely University of Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia and Universiti Utara Malaysia. In October of 1997, he served as the Founding President and CEO of Universiti Tun Abdul Razak until March 2005, after serving Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) as the Deputy Director-General from 1992 to 1997.

He was a member of Etiqa Takaful Berhad Board (1995-2013), Maybank Islamic Board (2006-2014), Asia Unit Trust Board (1994-2012), among others. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Prima Prai Sdn Bhd.; Epen Bina Sdn Bhd., Universiti Teknikal MARA Sdn. Bhd and Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM).  He is also a member of Dubai Center for Islamic Banking & Finance Advisory Board, Malaysian Insurance Professional Standards Council (MIPSC) and IFSB Working Group – Guiding Principles for Retakaful (Islamic Reinsurance) Undertakings. He now sits on Shariah Advisory Committee for Labuan Reinsurance (L) Ltd.; Amanah Mutual Berhad (formerly known as Maybank Unit Trust Berhad), Singapore Unit Trusts Ltd. (SUT) and Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad. He is also a Shariah Advisor for Nomura Asset Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and a Certified Shariah Individual by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. He has written and publish numerous articles on various topics related to Islam, Economics, Banking, Takaful, Ethics and has written and edited a total of 12 books.


Tarek M. Genena is a capital markets professional specializing in Mergers, Acquisitions, LBOs, Restructurings and Recapitalizations. He has over 25 years of experience in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance as well as hands-on operating management experience in various industries including defense, aerospace, distribution, manufacturing and finance. Early in his career Mr. Genena worked extensively with top tier NYC, LA and Chicago Law and Accounting Firms and was involved in multiple acquisitions from NYSE companies. He has lived in the Middle East at several points in his life and is fluent in Arabic. Mr. Genena obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Drake University from Des Moines, Iowa in Chinese history.
He currently lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he is actively involved in assisting the development of companies wishing to list on the Cambodian Stock Exchange. In his most recent position as advisor to the Vtrust Group of Companies he has assisted in the development of a restructuring plan and a position company for a future IPO. Mr. Genena is also a Principal with Delta Capital Partners Co. Ltd based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, specializing in Financial Advisory and Capital Markets access to small and medium sized enterprises. In addition Mr. Genena is a member of Cambodia Investment Club.


Kunrat Wirasubrata is the Acting Director of IDB Group Regional Office, Kuala Lumpur. He has been in development banking (World Bank and IDB) for more than 20 years, and before his posting in Kuala Lumpur, he was IDB’s Regional Manager for East and Central Africa, and Country Manager for a number of Central and South Asian countries.



Muhd Ramadhan Fitri Bin Ellias is currently the Executive Vice President and the Head of Shariah Management at Maybank Islamic Berhad. As the Head of Shariah Manangement, En. Ramadhan oversees all Shariah related matters pertaining to retail, business and corporate banking, treasury, debt market, equity markets and asset management.

Prior to Maybank Islamic, En. Ramadhan served as Senior Manager at Islamic Markets, Maybank Investment Bank. He also formerly served as a Manager in Shariah Advisory at RHB Islamic Shariah. En. Ramadhan started his career as an Assistant Lecturer of Islamic Economy at University of Malaya. He has presented several papers at local and international conferences and he is a regular contributor to Islamic banking column in few local newspapers. En. Ramadhan holds a Bachelors in Shariah (Fiqh and Usul) (1st class honour) from the University of Malaya and a Masters of Fiqh and Usul Fiqh from the International Islamic University Malaysia.


Mr. Lem Chansamrach is now the Executive Manager of Cambodia Investor Club where he manages the investment portfolio and involves in providing the capacity building and supporting the access to finance to Cambodian SMEs in order to contribute to the economic development growth. He is strongly in communication and investment analysis & evaluation, business plan development, financial modeling, business restructuring, coaching and training skills which he currently manages the expectation of 200 people in his business networks.

Samrach has been managing and coordinating a social investment fund from Japan in Cambodia. While working for a social investment fund, Samrach has set up the company from the beginning and helped the local entrepreneurs to run social business successfully. Prior to that, he hold Master’s degree in SME Management and International business from University Lyon 2, France. He took part in training program at ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd., where he engaged in long-term customer relationship planning. His experience also includes teaching management and finance at IIC University of Technology and Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia, and internship as Data Analyst for Economic and Firm Research Center in France.


Dr. Ari is a lecturer/researcher at the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) in Jakarta. Prior to his academic career, he was a journalist specialising in business news and current affairs. While working as a journalist for local and international media, Ari had first-hand experience of various issues that took place within and outside of Indonesia. It was during this period that he developed a strong interest for international affairs. Ari later earned a PhD from Wollongong University (Australia) in 2008. He conducted extensive researches on the correlation between media and the society, particularly after the global economic crisis. These researches also made him one of the finalists for the Australian Alumni Award in 2012. Ari joined the London School of Public Relations in 2006. Prior to being a lecturer and researcher, he was the Director of the International Relationship Department and the Director of Prof Margono Research Center within the same institution. During those years, he had worked to foster greater international collaboration among educational institutions for a better cohesive growth of the academic community


Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd Noordin is an educationist by training and profession. He began his career as a teacher and subsequently rose to the rank of Educational Manager within the Ministry of Education. His last position was as Director-General of Education of Malaysia. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd is presently Chairman of Management and Science University (MSU), Furukawa Electric Cables (M) Sdn Bhd, and Sime Darby Motors. He is also a Director of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad, Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad, SP Setia Berhad and Amanah Mutual Berhad. He was formerly the Chairman of Berger International Ltd based in Singapore, and Deputy Chairman of International Bank Malaysia Berhad.

He is also a board member of the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), the training and development arm of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Wan Mohd Zahid holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from University of Malaya, Masters from Stanford University and PhD from University of California, Berkeley. He underwent a course in business management under the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School.


Dr Chanrith Ngin is the Dean of the Faculty of Development Studies (FDS) at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia. He has been a post-doctoral and visiting scholar at various universities in Europe and Asia. His research works comprise economic development, community development, civil society, vocational training, and higher education in Cambodia. Dr Ngin also serves on a number of editorial and advisory boards of national and regional academic outlets and development institutions.

Session 1 | Islamic Microfinance: Catalyzing Change for Inclusive Growth

Speaker: Mr Tarek M. Genema
Title: Microfinance, Technology & Islamic Capital
Download: click here (file size: 0.5MB)

Speaker: Prof. Datuk Dr Syed Othman Al Habshi
Title: Islamic Microfinance: Catalysing Change for Inclusive Growth
Download: click here (file size: 2MB)

Session 2 | SME Development in the Borderless World: Forging Ahead

Speaker: Dato’ Hafsah Hashim
Title: SME Development in Borderless World
Download: click here (file size: 8.1MB)

Speaker: Mr. Soum Sambath
Title: Enterprise in Cambodia
Download: click here (file size: 0.6MB)

 Session 3 | Higher Education: Creating World Class Institutions Through International Cooperation

Speaker: Tan Sri Dato’ Dr  Wan Mohd Zahid Mohd Noordin
Title: Higher Education: Creating World Class Institutions through International Cooperation
Download: click here (file size: 0.5MB)

Speaker: Dr Ari S. W Poespodihardjo
Title: Bridging gaps, creating hope
Download: click here (file size: 1.8MB)

Speaker: Mr Ajith Kumar Basu
Title: Sparking creativity through hands-on science education
Download: click here (file size: 41MB)


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