Building Bridges Through Business

About WIEF Foundation

The WIEF Foundation is the organising body of the Annual World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), it comprises the Board of Trustees who is supported by an International Advisory Panel and a Permanent Secretariat based in Kuala Lumpur.
The Foundation also undertakes various capacity building programmes under the WIEF initiatives of the Businesswomen Network (WBN), Young Leaders Network (WYN), Education Trust (WET) and Roundtable Series.

Initiatives & Projects

wief education trust

WIEF Education
Trust (WET)

The WET is aimed at garnering support and resources from the Muslim world to provide education opportunities to the people at large
wief education trust

WIEF Businesswomen
Network (WBN)

WBN was mooted at the inaugural Forum in 2005 and it organises the annual WIEF Women Entrepreneurs Workshops
wief education trust

WIEF Young Leaders
Network (WYN)

The Network holds its Young Leaders events in conjunction with the annual World Islamic Economic Forum
wief education trust

WIEF Roundtable
Sessions (WRT)

The Roundtable provides an avenue where regional and local business leaders can congregate to leverage on existing business and economic strengths

In Focus

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Ensuring halal certification is a complex affair involving examination not just of ingredients but also entire supply chains.

21 May 2018


How Europe adapts to a circular economy

EU Ambassador to Malaysia H.E. Maria Castillo Fernandez, and an advocate of a circular economy, answers questions on how EU adopts this new economic model.

18 May 2018


Staying In Focus with…Susie Diamond

For a number of women, working in a male-dominated industry can be a challenge. For one woman, this led her to leave her job and start her own building physics firm, Inkling.

14 May 2018