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The 12th MOCA Fest

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Perajin Gitar batik di Moca Fest World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) ke-12 di Jakarta, Rabu (3/8). KEMENKEU-WIEF/Prasetyo Utomo/16.
Guitar batik artist at MOCAFest the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Jakarta, Wednesday(3/8). KEMENKEU-WIEF/Prasetyo Utomo/16.

Jakarta, Aug 3 The Marketplace of Creative Arts Festival (MOCAfest) 2016 assembles the enthusiasm and spirit amongst worldwide artists and audiences in a showcase of film, visual arts, music, audio-visual mapping, performing arts, and fashion. All were displayed in a performance, masterclass, panel discussion, a ‘Sharing Circle’ fish-bowl dialogue, and a ‘MOCAfest SOUNDSCAPES’ concert.


Championing the nation’s official motto of “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity), today’s MOCAfest opened by MOCA Translation 7.0, manifesting the theme in poetry and traditional musical instruments in harmony. A set of visual installations included illustration, design, calligraphy, comics, and photography, an on-site Batik class offered as well by the G&B Guitars.


At the entrance, audiences were welcomed by displays of several Moslem-wear brands: MAIMA Indonesia, Jenahara, Etu, etc.; these were set to bring the Moslem fashion as a trend in Indonesia and hopefully other countries as well.


In accordance with the above, the cross-cultural dialogue on stage heated up in the afternoon session, bringing forth issues faced by the creative economy sector, whether to commercialise our heritage or otherwise, to preserve it. One of the speakers, Mr. Fiki Satari, responded by emphasizing on the idea of “Transforming Tradition” suggesting that a creative economy has the role to create a heritage and traditional culture relevant to modern needs and lifestyles. He added that when there is collaboration, a new expression emerges.

Pengunjung menikmati karya lukisan dan foto di Moca Fest World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) ke-12 di Jakarta, Rabu (3/8). KEMENKEU-WIEF/Prasetyo Utomo/16.
Visitors enjoy the paintings and photographs at MOCAFest in World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF). KEMENKEU-WIEF/Prasetyo Utomo/16.

Tonight, a collaboration of creative talents who carry an array of genres will gatherto spice up the evening with modern, traditional, and exquisite performances. Jamal Raslan, Ayu Laksmi, Rasmee Wayrana, and Marcell are scheduled to perform.


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