Disruptive Change:
Impact and Challenges

MOCAFEST Highlights

The SOUNDSCAPE Concert is the highlight of MOCAfest. Experience an exciting evening of performance that spotlights collaborations and impromptu fusion work by our artists of cross-disciplinary backgrounds.  It showcases creative expression through a unique ‘jam session’ of artists. Through these artists’ imagination and brilliance, you will witness an interpretation of MOCAfest’s theme of Disrupting the Arts Enterprise in the 21st Century come alive on stage.

MOCASouq introduces a bazaar featuring unique, handmade crafts by selected artisans from all over the world, reflecting their heritage and culture. Here is where beautifully handcrafted musical instruments by Sarawak masters is the highlight. You can expect to find the sape which is an underivative Sarawakian instrument that has evolved into an instrument used in social gatherings.

A total of eight short eco-conscious films will be screened throughout MOCAfest with interludes of our participating artists at the exhibition. They will inspire you to take a closer look at our diminishing ecosystems and take action to better them.

The artists in this year’s arts exhibition embody the perseverance and ingenuity which MOCAfest values and are proud to support. Hailing from different parts of the world, their narratives influence the art created and we hope would engage our participants in a wider dialogue. There will be calligraphy and paintings reflecting heritage, photographs depicting adventure, and provocative installations.

MOCAFellows is a pre-festival programme that runs for three days prior to MOCAfest. Artists both experienced and novices go through an entrepreneurial training. The programme believes that through mentoring, imparting sustainable concepts through education, and group interaction the artists would be embolden. And that it would provide them with the tools to further them in their career.

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