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Penyanyi dan penulis lagu Ayu Laksmi dari Indonesia tampil di panggung Moca Fest dalam rangkaian World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Ke-12 di Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Rabu (3/8) malam. Sebanyak enam artis dan kelompok musik dari Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand dan Kamboja tampil dalam acara tersebut. ANTARA FOTO/Widodo S. Jusuf/16.
Singer and songwriter from Indonesia Ayu Laksmi Moca Fest on stage in MOCAFest the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/8) night. A total of six artists and music groups from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia appear in the event.. ANTARA FOTO/Widodo S. Jusuf/16.

Jakarta, August 4, 2016 – A collaboration of creative talents displaying an array of genres gathered last evening to top off MOCAFest Soundscape Concert with modern, traditional, and exquisite performances. Jamal Raslan, Ayu Laksmi, Rasmee Wayrana, Marcell, were among the skilled performers.

On the last day of its showcase, audiences still have the opportunity to revel in the glory of an Islamic fashion, visual and live installation, before the 12th WIEF sealed its session today.

Penulis dan Sutradara dari Indonesia, Ismail Basbeth (kanan), Produser Film dari Indonesia, Daniel Rudi Heryanto (tengah) dan Penulis dari Belanda Katinka van Heeren (kiri) menjadi pembicara dalam sesi Diskusi Panel Moca Fest dalam World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Ke-12 di Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Jakarta, Kamis (4/8). Diskusi tersebut membahas soal Film tentang Islam dan Tantangan Ideologi. KEMENKEU - WIEF/Widodo S. Jusuf/16.
The writer and director of Indonesia, Ismail Basbeth (right), Film Producer of Indonesia, Daniel Rudi Heryanto (middle) and the author of The Netherlands Katinka van Heeren (left) as a speaker in the session Panel Discussion MOCAFest in the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) at the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Jakarta, Thursday (4/8). The discussion on Islamic Film and the Challenges Ideology. KEMENKEU – WIEF/Widodo S. Jusuf/16.

As presented earlier this morning in the panel discussion, attention of the audience was drawn to the discourse on ‘Islamic Cinema’. As observed by Dr. Katinka Heeren, this appears to bring a broad definition or leave some question marks as to what constitutes Islamic cinema itself, be it values, culture, or people. However, any depictions shown within the film are acknowledged by the directors, whether to monetize as a means to market entry or solely to portray the idealism behind the movie. Aside from that, two renowned Indonesian directors/filmmakers, Ismail Basbeth and Daniel Rudi Haryanto, were there to share their ideas arising from the topic.

The movie “Khalifah’ by Nurman Hakim, screened after the panel discussion, allowed the audience a broader perspective on Islamic Film. The movie depicts an aspect of feminism as Khalifah (‘Leader’) is the label for a man in Islam while in this movie the role of Khalifah is played by a woman (Marsha Timothy). A conflict arises when Khalifah wishes to have equality for herself and her child, as a leader. Director Nurman Hakim is also known for his movie ‘3 Doa 3 Cinta’.

To enact this year’s MOCAfest, Fauzi Yusoff along with Etson Caminha, performed a dynamic pair between multimedia art and traditional musical instruments.

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