WIEF Foundation Launch by Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman of WIEF Foundation


Sep  8th

Message By Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman Of The World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation
The World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation (WIEF Foundation) was established to institutionalize the World Islamic Economic Forum. The Forum revealed the need for a unique body to promote dialogue and foster closer cooperation and partnership among the Muslim business community throughout the world. The international private sector initiative will also help identify investments and promote business collaboration among Muslim entrepreneurs and non-Muslim businessmen.

Through the many programmes being planned, the WIEF Foundation has the potential to be an important instrument to promote Islam as a peaceful religion as well as to strengthen better understanding betweeen Muslims and non-Muslims through business and economic partnerships. The Foundation will also help promote scholarship and knowledge, a crucial element for the development of the Muslim Ummah.

We also believe that the Foundation through its annual World Islamic Economic Forum and other activities would complement strategies undertaken by our respective governments to encourage more cross border trade and investment. The Foundation provides outstanding interaction and networking opportunities that could open the doors to greater economic cooperation. Despite its infancy, the WIEF Foundation has already garnered exceptional support from governments, local and foreign bodies, organizations as well as individuals. The future is bright for the Foundation in its quest to develop the World Islamic Economic Forum as the “Davos” of the Muslim world.

We invite the business community to actively participate in the activities of the Foundation. We also invite business leaders to apply to be members of the Foundation. The World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation, the Board of Trustees and its Members stand committed to ensure the successful realization of the Foundation’s objectives as trade and investment are the cornerstone for economic success that would lead to greater peace and stability for the Ummah.