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Green Insights for Islamic Finance

William Tohmé on what prevents greater convergence between Islamic finance and ESG investing and a persistent problem in the investment industry.

31 July 2023

Islamic Global Equity Fund

Ashley Lester of Schroders plc explains why Islamic global equity fund outperformed Dow Jones Islamic Market World Index in recent years.

31 July 2023

How to Adopt ESG Principles

Sustainability is a much-needed practice but some think it’s not yet vital to adapt to it. Rizky Wisnoentoro tells businesses how to adopt ESG ethics.

7 July 2023

ESG, a Worthwhile Effort

Investors and CEOs of businesses have now put more attention into ESG. Rightly so, simply because it is a worthwhile effort. Rizky Wisnoentoro, PhD, writes.

7 July 2023

A Reasonable State of Mind

WYN thinkTALK session on mental health in the workplace addresses how these issues can impact employees’ performance, job satisfaction and overall quality of life.

8 June 2023

In Focus Magazine issue 12


4 April 2023

Future of Leadership

Summary of WIEF thinkTALK Series 2023 in March that discussed Future of Leadership: Diving into Unchartered Waters with founder of The Purpose Business, founder of Crown Digital and founder of Commerce.Asia.

4 April 2023

Focusing On: Pat Dwyer

Founder of The Purpose Business in Hong Kong and WYN thinkTALK speaker, Pat Dwyer, talks about what shapes future leadership and fundamental traits needed to lead ESG efforts.

20 March 2023

Focusing On: Keith Tan

Keith Tan, CEO and founder of Crown Digital in Singapore and speaker for WYN thinkTALK talks about leadership traits to thrive in a world heavily disrupted by tech.

16 March 2023

Focusing On: Ganesh Kumar Bangah

Ganesh Kumar Bangah, founder of Commerce.Asia and speaker for WYN thinkTALK on future of leadership, talks about entrepreneurs’ fundamental role in an economy.

14 March 2023