Welcome Remarks at The 4th Marketplace Press Conference in Jakarta


Mar  28th

4th Marketplace of Creative Arts Press Conference
28 March 2012
3.00 – 5.00pm

The Ritz Carlton Hotel,Mega Kuningan,Jakarta
Remarks by
Tan Sri Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak
Secretary General, WIEF Foundation

Assalamualaikumand a very good afternoon

Pak  Tanri Abeng, Advisor of Organizing Committee 4th Marketplace Bandung
Pak . Sandiaga Uno, Chairman of Organizing Committee 4th Marketplace Bandung; Pak Irvan Noe’man, Founder & Chairman of BD+A Design and Advisor of BCCF;

Esteemed guests;

Distinguished members of the media;

Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of WIEF Foundation -Welcome to the press conference to announce the convening of the 4th Marketplace of Creative Arts in Bandung, Indonesia on 14- 15 April 2012.

I understand many of you here are perhaps already aware of WIEF. But for the benefit of those still unaware, let me touch briefly on the WIEF before passing the floor to my distinguished colleagues.

The WIEF Foundation was established on 6th March 2006 to institutionalize the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), a world class business platform showcasing business opportunities in the Muslim World.

We have very clear objectives;
1. To provide a platform for productive discourse on current trade and economic issues of interest to the Muslim world and
2. To facilitate business networking and interaction for successful business collaboration involving both Muslims and non-Muslims
3. In doing so special emphasis was given to the interest of women and the youth.

Thus far held we have held 7 Forums — KL 2005, Islamabad 2006, KL 2007, Kuwait 2008, Jakarta 2009, KL 2010 and Astana 2011. This year will be in Malaysia, to be precise Johor Baru.

In addition we run programs/ activities under various initiatives to strengthen partnership and knowledge exchange among Muslims and between Muslim and non-Muslim communities across the globe.

So in terms of structure- we have the Annual Forum as the Core Program

But various Programs / Activities have been initiated under the framework of WET /WBN / WYN

Added to this we have also initiated the WIEF Roundtable as well held in various continents. I will not touch on the WET /WBN /Roundtable but would like to focus on the WYN

The WIEF pride itself in being a pathfinder in identifying new business and economic growth opportunities for the youth, including bridging into the creative arts. And it is in acknowledging this that the WIEF is holding the 4th Marketplace in Creative Arts in Bandung, Indonesia.

The youth today suffers from various deficits;
• Deficit in space, opportunities and exposure
• Deficit in resources
• Deficit in training and education and worse ,
• Deficit in confidence

At the Marketplace Series we have clear objectives;
1. To help forge better collaborations between the creative industry and the business sector affecting the youth
2. To promote cultural and educational development in the youth community
3. To profile young creative talents on a global stage
4. To tackle the issue of youth unemployment through arts
5. To create a platform for creative artists to share experience, build networks and create opportunities for the future

This is one initiative that we are tremendously proud of. The Marketplace would shine the spotlight on how art can enrich not only culture but also the economy of a country. Starting from Malaysia, leading to Singapore, then Kazakhstan, and now the city of Bandung.

Bandung is widely acknowledged as an exciting and emerging creative city in Indonesia;
We want to ride on this wave of interest together so as to bring the Marketplace of Creative Arts and the World Islamic Economic Forum as a front-runner in expanding avenues and opportunities by building bridges so as promote art for business and business for art.