Closing Remark by YBhg Tan Sri Mohd Radzi Bin Abdul Rahman Secretary General of WIEF Foundation


Dec  2nd


Closing Remark by YBhg Tan Sri Mohd Radzi Bin Abdul Rahman  

Secretary General of WIEF Foundation 


Y Bhg Tan Sri, Dato’ Sri, Datuk-Datuk, Excellencies, Datin-Datin, Esteemed members of the panel, 

distinguished guests,  

ladies and gentlemen. 


Assalammualaikum warahmattulahi wabarakatuh 

Good afternoon. 



After a long and hectic but intellectually rewarding day we have finally come to the tail end of our roundtable. 


In the course of our Roundtable earlier today many speakers have critically examined the economic challenges confronted by countries around the globe impacted by the devastating effect of the global pandemic to explore ways and means for a rebound and transformation.  

The roundtable has also addressed other topics of interest and of importance such as sustainable development, climate change, digital entrepreneurship, Muslim friendly tourism, and managing Waqaf assets with equal vigour and enthusiasms. 

As a result, many brilliant ideas, suggestions and recommendations have emerged from the presentations and exchange of views among great minds invited to be on the panel to discuss the relevant topics selected for the Roundtable. 

I believe many of us have been enlightened by torrent of new ideas and proposals, illuminating information, eye-opening statistics, interpretations and visions that have allowed us to see issues and solutions from many different angles and perspectives.  

It is our hope that all of us, especially policy makers, both in the public and private sectors, as well as members of the academia and other stake holders, have benefited from the discussions in the Roundtable that covers a spectrum of prevailing issues.  

Let us also hope the roundtable has not only offered and broaden the horizon and scope of ideas and solutions but will further assist stake holders to deal with the related issues. 


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Before we draw down the curtain to conclude the 17th WIEF Roundtable Penang 2022, allow me on behalf of the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation to express our most sincere appreciation and gratitude to all those that have immensely contributed to the successful convening of this Roundtable. 

First and foremost WIEF wish to thank the State Government of Penang for the strong, unwavering and generous support in hosting this Roundtable.  

In this connection I would be remiss if I fail to mention the invaluable support and encouragement that we have received from the Honourable Chief Minister of Penang, Mr Chow Kon Yeow, who unfortunately is not able to be with us today. Without his support the Roundtable will not be here today. 

I must also acknowledge with deep gratitude, that Deputy Chief Minister The Honorable Dato’Ir Hj Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman and The Honorable Dato’Abdul Halim Hussein together with their competent staff, have spent many precious hours with us in almost every stage of the preparation of the Roundtable to ensure its success. Thank you Your Honorables. 

We are also extremely honoured and privileged to have the Head of State of Penang, His Excellency Tun Dato Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi bin Abdul Razak who not only graced the opening ceremony by delivering the keynote address but also graciously hosted the welcoming dinner at his official residence ( for our esteemed role players).  

The involvement of His Excellency the Head of State of Penang in the Roundtable is a clear testimony of the importance that the state government of Penang attaches to the Roundtable. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I must register our deep appreciation to the imminent members of the panel, some who traveled far from other parts of the world, and also to our moderators. They, the role players, have so eloquently articulated and shared their diverse professional as well as intellectual expertise, knowledge and wisdom that without doubt have greatly contributed to meeting the objectives of our Roundtable. 

We are equally indebted to Penang Halal International, in particular En Fazil Irwan and all his staff for their assistance and support, without which it may be almost impossible to organise this roundtable. 

I also wish to offer our special thanks and appreciation to all members of the media who have given excellent  coverage and exposure on electronic and print media on this event. Special mention must be made of Media Prima, that has agreed to become our Media Partner covering this Roundtable. 

Last but not least I wish to register our big thank you to all our sponsors namely Plus Vibes and Boustead Holdings for the support, Spice Convention Centre for the excellent facilities and logistic support, and all volunteers that have come  forward to offer their services. I dread and apologise for not being able to mention all their name one by one, but nonetheless, thank you. 

Finally, to all participants and attendees present here, thank you for being here with us. 

Thank you.