WIEF Foundation Organised Online Webinar For Women Entreprenuers


Aug  21st

WIEF Foundation Organised Online Webinar For Women Entreprenuers
#iEmPOWER – Developing Content Strategy for Digital Marketing

KUALA LUMPUR- The World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation, through the WIEF Businesswomen Network (WBN) organised part one and part two of its #iEmPOWER workshop series, on 10 August and 12 August 2020, via zoom platform.

Trainer, Angeline Ann Samuel, CEO and Founder of A Tech International, explained about the importance of content and context for digital marketing, especially social media, in part one of the workshop. Part two was about brand storytelling and how to maximise visibility and reach.

According to Angeline, online business owners have to be more creative in promoting their products and services. They must be able to entice their followers with dreams and lifestyle related posts- 80 per cent of posts should be educational and revolve around things other than products and services. Six important factors to consider when creating any digital content, are; value, trust, empowerment, hope, community and results.

Angeline explained that entrepreneurs should strive to stand out from the crowd, to be successful. Consumers have a wider choice and will only buy from brands they trust and feel closest with. Hence, the importance of reaching out to the audience, understanding their needs and adding value to the consumers’ lifestyles. Video contents have a wider audience, more effective and widely reached. To maximise on reach, contents should be shared throughout multiple platforms. For instance, a teaser of a video content could appear on Instagram and Facebook but full videos can only be viewed on YouTube.

Participants were reminded how viewers like simplicity and ease of navigation. The usage of hashtags is proven to be successful. ‘Incorporate variety of related hashtags, from common and trending to niche and personal,’ she added. Angeline explained, successful entrepreneurs needs to be clear about their goals, by analysing business objectives and social objectives. It is crucial for them to align their strategy with their target audience.

The two-hour live webinar sessions, which were attended by more than 140 participants from 20 countries, were aimed to equip entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, with tools to enhance their digital marketing strategies, in response to the changing business landscape, post COVID-19.

‘It was a great and informative session with step-by-step templates to work with,‘ said one of the participants, Ivy Loh from Maple International Academy Sdn Bhd. ‘I hope that WBN will continue to organise such workshops, to empower women entrepreneurs, globally.’ Ivy added.

WBN #iEmPOWER was established with the main objective of empowering women individually and collectively through entrepreneurship programmes . It is to create better business opportunities, and to give a unique platform for participants to engage, learn and gain knowledge as well as exchange ideas and come up with new solutions among themselves so that they are better prepared for future entrepreneurial success.

For media enquiries and interviews, kindly contact: Faizah Jaafar (+6019 399 7746) faizah@wief.org or Shabana Palpanaban (+6012 375 4957) shabana@wief.org


About World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation

World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation was established in 2006. It is the organising body of the annual World Islamic Economic Forum. The Forum serves as a focal point where country leaders, captains of industry, emerging entrepreneurs, academics and other stakeholders from the Muslim World and beyond, meet to build bridges through business. The Foundation also undertakes various capacity building programmes under WIEF initiatives of the Businesswomen Network (WBN), Young Leaders Network (WYN), Education Trust (WET) and Roundtable Series (WRT).

The WIEF Foundation is committed to adjusting to the new normal post-COVID-19 and is determined to continue to serve entrepreneurs and businesses through its online activities and events. These efforts come at a time when the need for businesses to change and adapt is crucial for its continued operation. The current challenging business environment should not be a barrier to women entrepreneurs growing their businesses and startups.

About WIEF Businesswomen Network (WBN)

WIEF Businesswomen Network (WBN) was introduced at the inaugural World Islamic Economic Forum in 2005. It marked the Foundation’s recognition of the importance of women’s contribution to economic growth. WBN is aimed at providing a networking platform for women entrepreneurs globally. Thus, creating valuable connections between businesswomen from both Muslim and non-Muslim worlds, as well as empowering their business potential and widening their market reach.

WBN initiatives are designed to equip women entrepreneurs with business know-how, e-commerce capabilities as well as knowledge in business growth and diversification. To this effect, WBN has initiated several entrepreneurship programmes such as WIEF Women Entrepreneurs Workshop, WIEF Regional Online Marketing Workshop, WIEF Entrepreneurial Retreat, WIEF Tea Talk, WIEF Women Entrepreneurs Strategic Workshop, WIEF Social Media Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs, WIEF Businesswomen Forum held in Gangneung, Korea and #iEmPOWER workshop series.

To date, WBN entrepreneurship programmes have continued to evolve with the times and benefitted nearly 1000 women from 50 countries. WBN will continue its efforts in empowering and advancing women in the economic fields at national, regional and international levels.