5th WIEF Seeking Solutions to Global Problems


Mar  2nd

Muslim and Non-Muslim World coming together to address common issues
5th WIEF Seeking Solutions to Global Problems
Muslim and Non-Muslim World coming together to address common issues

Jakarta, 02 March 2009 —- Noting that the world is facing enormous challenges, Indonesian President Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono officially opened the 5th World Islamic Economic Forum, witnessed by a number of head of states and government leaders at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel.

“The global financial meltdown is only part of our worries,” said the President in his opening remarks. “Among the list of urgent global challenges faced by world citizens, climate, energy and food security would all rank at the top.”

Created to establish dialogue through business partnerships amongst Muslim and non-Muslim businessmen, the 5th WIEF is attended by 1,557 delegates from 38 countries as well as 87 corporate leaders who will be participating in a number of plenary discussion forums focusing on the global food crisis, alternative energy and the current world economic downturn.

“A challenge of enormous proportion has now emerged in the nature of the current economic crisis that seems to bedevil the world where no one is able to escape from,” said World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation Chairman Tun Musa Hitam. “What I personally hope for at this 5th WIFE, are ideas on solutions in the form of action, firstly as immediate steps and secondly, the long term steps.”

Some of the main discussion forums include a Global CEO Panel where global chief executives across the globe from various multinational companies discuss strategic responses to the financial quagmire and exchange cutting edge ideas and solutions to determine a new global financial landscape in the next decade; a panel on food security that examines the background and facts that affects the cost of food production and distribution; and a panel on alternative energy, which explores the possibilities of green jobs and its initial start up costs for governments as well as businesses.

“The World Islamic Economic Forum is an ideal platform to tap the Islamic world, of which many have great potential for further growth,” said Mr. Ebrahim Patel, Chairman of the South African based Minara Chamber of Commerce. “And the world would also benefit from the various Islamic finance mechanisms that is being implemented in many countries, which focuses more on the community aspect of finance rather than pure profit.”

“We are pleased with the response we have gotten for our forum,” said Mr. Sofyan Djalil, 5th WIEF Organizing Committee Co-Chairman and Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprise. “This is a testament to the seriousness of the issues we face and how many nations and businesses would like to address this together. Indonesia as the host nation has much to offer and learn from all our delegates and we look forward to making a difference to the world.”

The 5th WIEF started on March 1 with a day-long Pre-Forum program that focused on two key issues imperative to the development of the Islamic business community – businesswomen and young entrepreneurs.

“WIEF seeks to further empower these two important segments of society, that would help enhance their full potential and creative abilities,” said Mr. Tanri Abeng, 5th WIEF Organizing Committee Co-Chairman. “Providing training and opportunities for them would help bridge the various problems that plague our world, as well as establish a stable platform for future generations. We hope the 5th WIEF would be able to provide some context and ideas that can be shared to the world for everyone to pitch in.”

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