3rd WIEF Women Entrepreneurs Workshop; Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Greater Heights


Oct  10th

Kuala Lumpur, 10th October 2011 – After 2 successful Women Entrepreneurs Workshops and as part of WIEF’s continuous effort to promote entrepreneurship in the Muslim world, the WIEF together with Strategic Partner; The Coca Cola Company, Sponsor; Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Malaysia and support by the Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs organised the 3rd WIEF Women Entrepreneurs Workshop from 2nd to 10th October 2011 at Hotel Grand Continental.

The main objective of 3rd WIEF Women Entrepreneurs Workshop is to provide opportunities for both aspiring and experienced women entrepreneurs to gain in-depth knowledge and training in business management and practices.

With the theme, “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Greater Heights”, the workshop is specifically aimed to empower women entrepreneurs to face the ever-evolving business and social landscapes and to deal more effectively with the opportunities and challenges in the business ecosystem.

The 9-day interactive entrepreneurial Workshop was tailored towards vision planning, goal-setting, strategic planning, marketing and SWOT analyses preparation with the objectives of providing the participants with a solid understanding of business planning and prerequisites of self-employed entrepreneur.

32 participants from various countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Sudan, Kuwait, Myanmar, Philippines, and Malaysia) and background attended the Workshop. The diversity enriched participants’ knowledge and networking opportunities.

“Business and entrepreneurship must be crowned as important gateways and platform for women to achieve economic self-sufficiency and independence.” said YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Norraesah Mohamad, Chairman, WIEF Businesswomen Network, Malaysia.

“We aspire to empower, educate, inculcate, guide and nurture women entrepreneurs to scale greater heights in all business endeavors. We believe that the WIEF is the best platform as it has always lent support to entrepreneurial spirit, progressive thinking and business evolution.” added YABhg. Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman, WIEF Foundation.