18th – 20th May, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 6th WIEF, bearing the theme “Gearing for Economic Resurgence” was a timely Forum that addressed the prevailing mood of the global business community for change and progress after the financial crisis. The sessions showcased the Muslim World’s key industries and topics were discussed by main business players and industry experts, giving delegates an invaluable in-depth understanding of the issues and solutions facing businesses in this part of the world. Kuala Lumpur once again played host to this prestigious event, which was attended by seven Heads of State & Government, 120 distinguished speakers, and a record 2567 delegates from 67 countries.

Download the forum report here.

Session Topics:

  • Leadership Panel: Leadership Challenges for the New Era
  • The Business of Innovation: Wiring for New Needs
  • Countries in Focus A – Business, Trade & Investment Opportunities
  • Countries in Focus B – Business, Trade & Investment Opportunities
  • Global CEO Panel: The New Game Plan: Thriving in a Post-Crisis World
  • Tapping Tourism Potentials: Putting Resources to Work
  • Integrating Logistics: Building Competitiveness in Freight and Transport
  • Empowering SMEs: Turning Size into a Comparative Advantage
  • Tackling a Thirsty World: The Business Case of Water
  • Islamic Branding: Myth or Reality?
  • Connecting Minds:  Leveraging Technology for Training and Education
  • Ethics in Business: Balancing Bottom Line and Good Governance
  • Islamic Banking and Finance: Riding the Wave of Economic Transformation
  • Putting a Brake on Climate Change: Assuring Earth’s Future
  • Integrating Logistics: Building Competitiveness in Freight and Transport
  • Empowering SMEs: Turning Size into a Comparative Advantage
  • Tackling a Thirsty World: The Business Case of Water
  • Islamic Branding: Myth or Reality?
  • Connecting Minds:  Leveraging Technology for Training and Education
  • Ethics in Business: Balancing Bottom Line and Good Governance
  • Islamic Banking and Finance: Riding the Wave of Economic Transformation

Putting a Brake on Climate Change: Assuring Earth’s Future

WIEF Businesswomen Forum 2010
“Capitalizing on Women Potentials in Business”
Session Topics:

  • CEO Exchange – Making a Difference: Women and Meaning of Success
  • Opportunity in Crisis: Identifying New Dynamics
  • Promoting Professionalism & Talent Through Training and Education
  • Breaking Through in Business: Different Needs, Varying Challenges
  • Industries in Focus: Food, Education, Tourism, Healthcare

WIEF Young Leaders Forum 2010
“Defining the Muslim Youth in the 21st Century”
Session Topics:

  • Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow: Connect and Collaborate
  • Going Green: Tackling the New Blue
  • Taking the Stairs: Driving the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Identity in the 21st Century: Investing in the Future of Creative Arts
  • Hon. Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak
    Prime Minister of Malaysia and Patron WIEF Foundation
  • HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
    Brunei Darussalam
  • H.E. Abdoulaye Wade
    President of the Republic of Senegal
  • H.E. Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
    President of the Republic of Indonesia
  • H.E. Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu
    President of the Republic of Kosovo
  • H.E. Mohamed Nasheed
    President of the Republic of Maldives
  • H.E. Sheikh Hasina
    Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • Hon. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
    Former Prime Minister Malaysia
  • H.E. Shaukat Aziz Former
    Prime Minister Pakistan
  • H.E. Cris Bowen
    Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law and Minister of Human Resources, Australia
  • H.E. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali
    President, Islamic Development Bank
  • H.E. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan
    Secretary General, ASEAN
  • H.E. Dr. Attua-ur-Rahman
    FRS, Coordinator General, OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)
  • Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Khatijah Bt Mohd Yusoff
    Deputy Secretary General (Science), Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Malaysia
  • H.E. Dr. Seyed Shamseddin Hosseini
    Minister of Finance, Iran
  • H.E. Senator Waqar Ahmad Khan
    Minister for Privatization, Pakistan
  • Hon. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed
    Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia
  • H.E. Aset Issekeshev
    Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Industry & Trade, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • H.E. Salman Khurshid
    Minister of State for Corporate Affairs & Minority Affairs, India
  • H.E. Muhammad Faruk Khan
    Minister for Commerce, Bangladesh
  • H.E. MEC Michael Mabuyakhulu
    Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, Kwazulu Natal Provincial, South Africa Government
  • H.E. Dr. Ahmed Ali Sawad
    Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Republic of Maldives
  • Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak
    Chairman, WIEF Young Leaders Network, Malaysia
  • Dato Dr. Norraesah Mohamad
    Chairman, WIEF Businesswomen Network, Malaysia
  • Hon. Tun Musa Hitam
    Chairman, WIEF Foundation, Malaysia
  • Hon. Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Hj Mohd. Yassin
    Deputy Prime Minister, Malaysia
  • Sir Iqbal Sacranie
    Chairman, MCB Charitable Foundation, United Kingdom
  • Ms. Nadia Roumani
    Co-Founder & Director, America Muslim Civic leadership Institute, USA
  • Mr. Omer Yenidogan
    CEO, TEB Asset Management, Turkey
  • Ms. Sumaya Kazi
    Executive Director, The Cultural Connect, USA
  • Mr. Omar Faruk
    Founder Director, EcoMuslim, United Kingdom
  • Ms. Sofiah Jamil
    Research Analyst, The Centre for NTS Studies, RSIS Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Mr. Andrew WK Chan
    Executive Director, Sustainability Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Mr. Azran Osman Rani
    CEO, AirAsia , Malaysia
  • Mr. Steve McCoy
    Founder & Principal, Counterpoint, Malaysia
  • Mr. Essa Al Ghurair
    Vice Chairman, Al Ghurair Investment, UAE
  • Mr. Wan Saiful Wan Jan
    Chief Executive,Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), Malaysia
  • Mr. Aziz Senni
    Founder, Young Entrepreneurs Association, France
  • Tengku farith Rithauddeen
    Group CEO, Skali, Malaysia
  • Ms. Toni S. Leviste Managing
    Director, Leviste Equestrian Management, The Philippines
  • Ms. Atia Riaz
    Product Manager, JP Morgan, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Tarek Atrissi
    Creative Designer, Tarek Atrissi Design, The Netherlands
  • Mr. Madny Al Bakry
    Caligraffiti arist, Sultanate of Oman
  • Mr. Zalfian Fuzi
    Theatre Director, The Instant Café Theatre Company, Malaysia
  • Ms. Reem Hussein
    Painter and Calligraphy artist, USA
  • Ms. Nadia Janjua
    Artist, Architect and Designer, NJArtitechture, USA
  • HRH Princess Lolowah Al-Faisal
    Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees & General Supervisor, Effat University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz
    Member of Parliament and Former Minister of International Trade & Industry, Malaysia
  • Ms. Evelyn Mungai
    Immediate Past President & Founder, All Africa Businesswomen’s Association (AABA) & Chairman, Speedway Investments Ltd & Chairman, Glendale Properties Ltd., Kenya
  • Ms. Douja Gharbi
    President & Founder, DG group, Tunisia
  • Datin Paduka Hajjah Rokiah Zakiah
    President, Brunei Women’s Business Council, Brunei
  • Ms. Cherie Nursalim
    Executive Director, GITI Group, Singapore
  • Mr. Ian Buchanan
    Senior Executive Advisor, Booz & Company
  • Mr. Essa Al Ghurair
    Vice Chairman, Al Ghurair Investment LLC, UAE
  • Mrs. Khadijah Abdullah
    CEO, Malaysian Insurance Institute, Malaysia
  • Mrs. Abda El-Mahdi
    Managing Director, Unicons Consultancy Lts., Sudan
  • Dr. Hadja Luningning Misuarez-Umar
    Commisioner, Comission of Higher Education & Chair of the Board of Regents, University of South Mindanao, The Philippines
  • Ms. Tanya Bunger
    Vice President of Programmes, Global Women’s Leadership Network, Santa Clara University, USA
  • Ms. Reem Barghouty
    President, Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women, Jordan
  • Ms. Munirah Hamid Managing
    Director, Neuramatix Sdb Bhd & Executive Director, Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad, Malaysia
  • Ms. Anna J H Fang
    Director, Anna Fang Public Relations, Hong Kong
  • Ms. Baria Alamuddin
    Editor, Media Services Syndicate & Foreign Editor, Al hayat
  • Ms. ZamZam Maalim Rashid Mtanda
    Chairperson, Tanzania Women Society Group/All African Travel and Tourism Association, Tanzania
  • Dato’ Dr. Zainuddin Wazir
    CEO & Founder, Allianze College Medical Sciences, Malaysia
  • Ms. Anni Brownjohn
    President, The Right Food Group, Australia
  • Tan Sri Mohamed Khatib Abdul Hamid
    Chairman, Pantai Holdings Berhad, Malaysia
  • Ms. Rinalia Abdul Rahim
    Managing Director, Compass Rose Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Mr. Tanri Abeng
    Chairman, PT Telkom, Indonesia
  • Mr. Salahuddin Kasem Khan
    Chairman, SEACO task force
  • Datuk Dr. Victor Wee
    Chairman, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Dr. Halil Kulluk
    Chairman, Intekno Group of Companies, Turkey
  • Ms. Natalie Day
    Director, Atlas of Islamic World Science and Innovation Project & Senior Policy Adviser Royal Society Science Policy Centre, United Kingdom
  • Datuk Ghazi Sheikh Ramil
    Founder & President, Malaysian Assiociation of Creativity and Innovation (MACRI), Malaysia
  • Sir Martin Sorrel
    Group Chief Executive, WPP, United Kingdom
  • Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar
    Chairman, Securities Comission, Malaysia
  • H.E. Lamia Merei Assi
    Minister of Economy and Trade, Syria
  • H.E. Aminata Niane
    Director General, Agence Nationale Chargee de la Promotion de l’investissement et des Grand Travaux, Senegal
  • Mr. Gita Wirwajan
    Chairman, Investment Coordinating Board, Indonesia
  • Mr. Ebrahim Patel
    CEO, Magellan Investment Management, South Africa
  • H.E. Isaac Musumba
    Minister of State for Regional Cooperation, Uganda
  • Mr. Paul W. Bradley
    Chairman & CEO, Caprica International, Singapore
  • Mr. Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi
    Senior Manager, Regional Sales, MASkargo Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Mr. Edward Clayton Country
    Director & Global Transport Lead, Booz & Company, Malaysia
  • Mr. Konstantin A Markelov
    Chairman, Astrakhan Region Government, Russian Federation
  • Mr. Mark Millar
    Managing Director, Mpower Associates & Advisor, Hong Kong Logistics Research Centre & Chairman, International Relations Committee Hong Kong
  • Dato’ Hafsah Hashim
    CEO, SME Corporation (SME Corp.), Malaysia
  • Mr. Tariq Sayeed
    Chairman, South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
  • Dr. Belaid Rettab
    Senior Director, Economic Research & Sustainable Business Development Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UAE
  • Mr. Chung Tong-Soo
    Former Head, Invest Kore,a South Korea
  • Mr. Sevket Can Tulumen
    Member of Executive Board & Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee, Independent Industrialist and Businessmen’s Association (MUSAID), Turkey
  • Dr. Alberto G. Brugnoni
    Founder & Chairman, Association for the Development of Instruments of Alternatives and Financial Innovation (ASSAIF), Italy
  • Mr. Kadri Ozen
    Public Affairs Director, Eurasia and Africa Group, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Mr. Roger Lanoue
    Chairman of the Board, International Secretariat for Water, Canada
  • Ms. Anta Seck
    Director of Management Planning and Water Resources, Ministry of Urban Development, Housing, Construction and Hydrauics, Senegal
  • Mr. Ali Naqvi
    Senior Manager, Infrastructure Cluster, East Asia & Pacific, Infrastructure Department, International Finance Corporation, USA
  • Dato’ Ruslan Hassan
    CEO, Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS), Malaysia
  • Mr. John Goodman
    President, Southeast Asia, Ogilvy Group
  • Dr. Abdulrahim Abdulwahid
    CEO, Media Hub International LLC, UAE
  • Mr. Martin Roll
    CEO, Venture Republic, Singapore
  • Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin
    CEO, Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), Malaysia
  • Dr. Paul Temporal
    Associate Fellow, Sai Business School, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  • Mr. James Beltran
    Deputy Chairman, Melawar Holdings & Group Advisor, Malaysian Reserve, Malaysia
  • Dr. Haifa Reda Jamal Al-Lail
    President, Effat University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Prof. William F. Miller
    Professor of Public and Private Management, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University & President & CEO, Emeritus of SRI International, USA
  • Datuk Badlisham Ghazil
    CEO, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia
  • Prof. Emiritus Dato’ Dr. m. Zawawi Ismail
    Chairman, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Mr. Hisham Hamdan
    Managing Director, Energy & Utilities Division, Sime Darby Berhad, Malaysia
  • Mr. Sigve Brekke
    Executive Vice President & Head of Asia Operations, Telenor Group
  • Dato’ Johan Raslan
    Partner & executive Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Malaysia
  • Dr. A. Riawan Amin
    Chairman, Association of Islamic Banking, Indonesia
  • Datuk Mohamed Azahari Kamil
    CEO, Asian Finance Bank, Malaysia
  • Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz
    Governor, Central Bank of Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Mr. Humphrey Percy
    CEO, Bank of London and the Middle East ,United Kingdom
  • Mr. Khaled Abdulla-Janahi
    Executive Vice Chairman, Ithmaar Bank B.S.C. Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Mr. John Sandwick
    Specialist, Islamic Wealth & Asset Management, Switzerland
  • Mr. Mumtaz Khan
    CEO, Maybank MEACP Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Mr. Iqbal Khan
    CEO, Fajr Capital, United Kingdom
  • HRH Prince Andrew
    Duke of York & Special Trade & Investment Representative, United Kingdom
  • Tan Sri Ahmad Fuzi bin Hj. Abdul Razak
    Secretary General, WIEF Foundation, Malaysia
  • Tan Sri Azman bin Hj. Mokhtar
    Managing Director, Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia
  • Mr. Nasser Munjee
    Chairman, Development Credit Bank & Chairman, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, India
  • Mr. Ian Powell
    Chairman & Senior Partner, PwC UK & Middle East, United Kingdom
  • Mr. John Nugee
    Senior Managing Director, State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) & Head, SSGA’s Official Institutions Group, United Kingdom
  • Dato’ Sri Anthony F. Fernandes
    Group CEO, AirAsia berhad, Malaysia
  • Mr. John Defterios
    President, FBC Media, United Kingdom
  • H.E. Ruud Lubbers
    Former Prime Minister, the Netherlands
  • Dr. Jyoti Parikh
    Executive Director, Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe) & Member, Prime Minister’s Climate Council, India
  • Mr. Gurmit Singh
    Chairman, Centre for Environment, Technology & Development (CETDEM), Malaysia
  • Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw
    Director, Division of Policy Implementation, UNEP

The 6th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), themed “Gearing for Economic Resurgence”, successfully concluded in Kuala Lumpur on 20 May 2010. The Forum was declared open by the Hon. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia and Patron of the WIEF Foundation, and attracted 2567 delegates from 67 countries.

special addresses were delivered by Heads of state and Government from Brunei Darussalam, Senegal, Indonesia, Kosovo, the Maldives and Bangladesh and moderated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. other important presentations were made by members of royal families, former Heads of Government, the secretary General of Asean, the President of the Islamic Development Bank, ministers, chief executives of leading corporations and other thought leaders from the public and private sectors.

WIEF’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity was evidenced by a Businesswomen and Young Leaders Pre-Forum opened by the Hon.?Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. The WIEF Businesswomen Network (WBN) continues its focus on enhancing business and entrepreneurship skills through its training workshops and is launching an innovative, new, on-line, businesswomen exchange program – We-Biznet. The WIEF Young Leaders network (WYN) announced successes in placing deserving Muslim students in corporate internship programs and the awarding of academic scholarships.

This year’s main Forum was held against the backdrop of a world emerging from a financial crisis which has affected all nations. In this challenging environment nine countries took advantage of the Forum to showcase trade and investment opportunities in their respective countries. The WIEF ‘Business Matchmaking Lounge’ also continued to enable investors and entrepreneurs to meet informally and during the Forum the leaders witnessed the signing of five commercial agreements in the trade, banking and iT sectors. in addition, recognising the importance of creativity and innovation, for the first time the Forum included a unique creative arts program entitled ‘The Marketplace of Creative Arts’.

WIEF provides an inclusive Forum where experiences are shared and lessons are learned, from the expert speakers – and from each other. Specific outcomes and proposals made by leaders and delegates during the Forum will be included in?the 6th Forum report. However, recognising the impact of the crisis and consistent with this year’s theme and our commitment to actionable outcomes, the WIEF will immediately begin working with the relevant leaders to further develop the following five specific proposals made during the Forum:

  1. Economic Summit: The financial crisis has created opportunities for?new ideas, new economic models and even new values. The WIEF will explore with Muslim leaders a plan to hold an economic summit which will focus on practical ways in which Muslim countries can enhance their own economic growth and development as well as exploring how Islamic banking and finance can contribute to a more sustainable international financial system.
  2. Clean Energy Development Bank: Recognising the threat of climate change to all nations and the business opportunities in clean energy- related industries, the WIEF will evaluate specific actions to advance this important proposal.
  3. Social Entrepreneurship Foundation: The WIEF will evaluate models of private sector-led social entrepreneurship, focusing on the special funding needs of SMEs and other enterprises throughout the Muslim countries.
  4. Creativity And Innovation Incubation Centres: Reform of education, training and skills development systems is essential to national innovation and growth. The WIEF will liaise with academic leaders and institutions to craft a pilot plan for an ‘Incubation’ Centre.
  5. Youth Corps: The WIEF will initiate a ‘pilot’ test of this proposal to develop practical plans to harness the vibrancy of youth and prepare them for leadership roles in future.