The WIEF-UiTM International Centre is pleased to announce our plans to publish the 2nd edition of the WIEF-UiTM Occasional Papers 2014. This publication will focus on the issues pertaining to Waqf and the current practices adopted by various organisations throughout the world. The 2nd edition of the WIEF-UiTM Occasional Papers 2014 will be published in conjunction with and distributed at the 10th WIEF next year.

The inaugural publication of the WIEF-UiTM Occasional Papers was first published in 2012. Approximately 1,000 copies were distributed at the 8th WIEF in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, libraries throughout Malaysia as well as to local and foreign universities. A further 500 copies will be distributed at 9th WIEF in London. The target audience of the publication would include scholars, academics, researchers in various fields, professionals in the public and private sectors and entrepreneurs.

Download the 2nd Occasional Paper Requirements

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