26 May 2022

4.00 pm (UTC +8 HOURS)
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Immersive Technologies (XR) covers a broad range of technologies from 360-degree photography and video to Virtual and Augmented Reality.  It is becoming increasingly popular due to the promise that they hold of transporting people anywhere they want without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, interest in immersive solutions has increased significantly.  It not only brought a surge in sales of XR devices and applications but also help to rethink how workers interact in physical spaces.

According to the XR Association – augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality – are expected to be a utility as mobile devices by 2025.  It is projected to grow from US$43 billion in 2020 to US$333 billion by 2025.

Apart from entertainment and gaming, it will benefit many industries including medical, oil and gas, cleantech, education, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and real estate.  With such potential, XR is expected to change corporate history.

Another technological upgrade to XR technologies is likely to be 5G, which will boost the transmission rate of wireless data over networks.  5G will help to make a difference for businesses where more sophisticated, heavy content being viewed live.


This programme will discuss:

  • Why companies need to seriously consider investing in immersive technologies?
  • Can this technology facilitate other aspects of personal development and event interpersonal relations?
  • How to bring XR to the common users in a much more accessible way?
  • What are the next steps for this field and how XR change society?


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Roc Chyarop Burapat
Chief Metaverse Officer
Nimit Nation, Thailand

Roc Chyarop Burapat is the Chief Metaverse Officer of Nimit Nation. As the Creative Consultant and Brand Strategist with over ten years of experience, he leads the design and development of immersive as well as engages new brand experiences around the world. Strategic Leader and experienced Futurist, he focuses on partnering with global brands to deploy innovative, new digital campaigns that blend local culture and the latest technology to drive growth at scale.

Nimit Nation forges ahead to become the world’s first community-powered digital nation by culminating shared cultures, thoughts, ethos, and aspirations and paving the way toward humankind’s highest purpose.

Visionaries at heart, Nimit Nation goes beyond the perceived limitations of the physical world, bridging the gaps between social barriers and cultural divides while delivering immersive communal experiences that celebrate togetherness.



Raymond Siva
Senior Vice President
Digital Investment
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Raymond Siva has more than 25 years of experience in journalism, strategic marketing as well as crisis and issues response. He is a sought-after Reputation and Influence Strategist for international brands, local conglomerates and CEOs. He has conducted over 100 spokesperson and crisis trainings, messaging workshops as well as talks in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Raymond was promoted to Senior Vice President, Digital Investments Division in 2020 after being appointed as Chief Marketing Officer of MDEC in 2019. Currently he is overlooking a 110-member team which includes the Investment and Grants Development, MSC Services and Brand and Strategic Partnerships Departments.

He holds an LLB from the University of London and a professional diploma in public relations from the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia.



Terence Loo
CEO and Co-founder

Terence Loo is the CEO and Co-founder of Serl.io, a leading mixed reality company based in Singapore and the United States. He has over 15 years experience in multinational aerospace companies in both engineering and management capacities. He was inspired by the potential and value of augmented reality (AR). In 2011, he left the aerospace field to develop AR solutions for clients in education and industry.

As a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, Serl.io is unlocking opportunities and efficiencies through the bold transformation of engagement. It collaborates with scalable mixed reality solutions, including its own no-code mixed reality platform. He holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering.



Professor Dr. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat
Department of Multimedia
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
University Putra Malaysia

Professor Dr. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat is a Professor at the Department of Multimedia, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Putra Malaysia.

She has led 15 research grants, published works in more than 100 journals, 60 proceedings, seven chapters in books and two international books. She patented eight of her research work and had won medals in national and UPM research exhibitions. She is a panel assessor for Malaysian Qualifications Agency and a co-founder of Computer Assisted Surgery and Diagnostic special interest research group.

She started as a research assistant in the Department of Physics at Science University of Malaysia experimenting with ozone layer measurement in the Equatorial region before working as a tutor in University Putra Malaysia.

Professor Rahmita received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science mathematics from Science University of Malaysia and a PhD in computer-assisted engineering from University of Leeds, United Kingdom.



Ankush Sharma
YeppAR Smart Solutions

Ankush Sharma is CEO of YeppAR Smart Solutions, one of the global leaders in developing enterprise metaverse solutions. YeppAR is ISO certified and featured in one of the most prestigious global magazines, Forbes, for commitment towards significant contribution in transforming industries by evolving the latest technologies.

Ankush has over six years of expertise in immersive technologies such as AR, VR, blockchain and metaverse in various industries. He completed an engineering degree from Amity University and has an MBA marketing from the Institute Of Finance and International Management.

Under Ankush, YeppAR has delivered big projects for Tata Group, ITC, Mahindra, JCB, Mercedes, IOCL, Cipla, Zydus, NBC, Decathlon and many.



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