25 May 2021

2.30 – 3.30PM MYT (UTC +8 HOURS)
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An extension of Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Bodies (IoB) is a connection of hardware, software, communication between a device/machine to our body. Data collected from our body, whether from an external device hooked up to our body like a smartwatch, or internally like a pacemaker and contact lenses or embedded into our body is used to primarily diagnose, monitor or treat and maintain our health.

Many of us, are already connected to IoB, through wearable smartwatches. The use of these smart watches paired with application like Strava or Fitness on Apple devices, helps us track out heart rate, sleeping pattern and we can get feedbacks from those app to further improves our workout, speed or to tell us when to stand up in order to regulate our blood flow. The market for smartwatches alone is already worth $13 billion and set to grow by 32% to $18 billion by this year.

In 2019, Kaiser Permanente and Samsung partnered on a cardiac rehab program using Samsung’s smartwatch and an mHealth platform saw an 87% completion rate and a less than 2% rehospitalisation rate. The smartwatch not only helps monitor the patients progress but also limits the trip to the clinic, personalise treatment programs and give the patients a degree of self assessment.

There are also IoB that is used to track movements and/or as a payment device. Three Square Market embed microchip, the size of a grain under their employees’ skin between their thumb and index finger to allow door access to enter the building, sign into their computer, and pay for snacks, all with a wave of their hand on a sensor.

In this 11th WIEF Global Discourse, we will explore benefits, security and privacy risks, ethical implications as well as its risks and advantages. It will give space for industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to exchange information, expand their knowledge and stimulate innovation.

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2.30 PM Panel Discussion on “Internet of Bodies: Merging Man and Machine”
3.00 PM Question and Answer Session
3.30 PM End of 11th WIEF Global Discourse


Professor Mark Findlay
Professor of Law
Director, Centre for AI and Data Governance
Singapore Management University

Prof. Mark Findlay is a Professor of Law at the Singapore Management University, and Director of its Centre for AI and Data Governance, where he is a Professorial Research Fellow.  He has honorary Chairs at the Australian National University, the University of Edinburgh and the University of New South Wales, as well as being an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the British Institute for International and Comparative Law, and an Honorary Fellow of the Law School, University of Edinburgh.

Professor Findlay is the author of 29 monographs and collections and over 150 refereed articles and book chapters.  He has held Chairs in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, England and Ireland.  For over 20 years he was at the University of Sydney as the Chair in Criminal Justice, the Director of the Institute of Criminology.   Recent publications include ‘Law’s Regulatory Relevance’ and ‘Principled International Criminal Justice: Lessons from tort law’.  He is now working on COVID-19 regulatory issues.

Dr Ariffin Kawaja
Co-founder, StretchSkin Technologies
Research Associate, Singapore Management University

Dr Ariffin Kawaja is a co-founder of several healthcare and halal-tech startups in Singapore, which have received USD2 million funding from private investors and government agencies. His current startup, StretchSkin, provides a gaming platform known as the Virtual Exercise Therapy System (VETS) and has been used by close to 1,000 elderlies.

Dr. Ariffin is a Research Associate at the Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance in Singapore Management University. He received his doctoral degree from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His thesis was on fear-based health messages for Malay diabetes patients in Singapore. His research covers behavioural interventions using emotion and gamification for diabetic as well as elderly patients.

Leigh Howard
Deputy Commissioner to South East Asia
Victoria Government, Australia

Leigh is currently Deputy Commissioner to South East Asia for the State Government of Victoria, Australia. He leads a regional network of Victorian Government Trade & Investment offices responsible for achieving Victoria’s global trade & investment objectives and the government’s broader economic, social, and sustainability goals.

Before joining the Victorian Government, Leigh was a board member and Executive Director for TradingPost.com.au, one of Australia’s biggest online classified portals. Prior to this, Leigh had an extensive career in managing HR outsourcing and executive recruitment. He founded Sheffield Executive, building it to be one of the leading search firms in Malaysia.  Leigh spent six years as Director, South Asia for Talent2 International (ASX:TWO), a global HR outsourcing company.

Leigh is a Foundation Board Director of AustCham ASEAN is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Malaysia Australia Business Council.


Bobby Varanasi
Founding Chairman and CEO
Matryzel Consulting Inc., USA

Bobby Varanasi
is Founding Chairman and CEO of Matryzel Consulting Inc., an independent advisory firm. He has over two decades of experience in consulting and management across technology, business services and building global operations. He advises federal governments across North and South America, Middle East, North Africa, Asia-Pacific and Australia on ICT sector development with emphasis on, among other things, policy transformation. He also advises Fortune 500 customer organisations and emerging market entrepreneurs on various aspects including strategy and inter-party trust ecosystems.

Bobby is a board member for IAOP as well as Global Sourcing Council, and an Exco member of Malaysia-Australia Business Council. He is Co-founder of ThynkBlynk, an Executive Director for Sigmax-e and an external advisor for Angstrohm Technologies. He mentors various tech startups in Malaysia.

Bobby holds two masters degrees, one each in Solid State Physics and Management from Berhampur University, India. He is one of the world’s first Certified Outsourcing Professionals (COP), a certified Core Banking Professional (HSBC) as well as an ISO 9000 and CMMi Quality Systems Auditor. He has written various knowledge papers in both print as well as electronic media, and has authored a book titled Humanomics – Making Sense of Socio-economic Impacts of Global Sourcing.

Bobby is involved in developing and enhancing two global business standards for corporations worldwide: Outsourcing Professional Standards owned by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and Impact Sourcing Standards owned by Global Impact Sourcing Coalition.

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