WIEF Powertalk – Possibilities for Islamic Fintech

30 November 2021

3.00 pm (+GMT 8:00)


Share event:

To have a better understanding of the blue economy as one of the Islamic capital market fund raising instruments. Creating the blue sukuk will not only help to ensure protection and sustainable use of oceans through investment in the blue economy, but also help to build ocean resilience. Although relatively new, it has created much interest in blue financing which is needed for coastal areas that rely heavily on the ocean for food security, tourism and livelihoods. This session will also explore into the overall role of islamic fintech landscape that can play a vital role in assisting this sustainable agenda as well as identifying opportunities that can support the SDGs.

Outcome & Key Takeaways

  • Case study discussion and outcome: the issuance of world’s first sovereign blue sukuk by the government of Seychelles, aimed at expanding the country’s marine-protected areas.
  • Insights into the importance of strong legal and regulatory framework, and how to best manage ESG to attract environmental conscious investors to put their money where their values are.
  • Perspectives on commitment from relevant stakeholders in ensuring the protection of marine biodiversity, while still maintaining business profitability.
  • Current market trend and AUM
  • How to attract more institutional investors
  • Opportunities and Potential for Blue Sukuk in Asia Region

*An e-Certificate of participation will be given to attendees (upon request) at the end of the session.

30 November 2020
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Discussion on Diving into the Deep Blue: Possibilities for Islamic Fintech 

The session will explore:

  • To describe blue sukuk, SDG financing agenda, blended marketing, climate finance and blue/green financing and how to fully utilise their benefits, to achieve most desirable outcome, for businesses and the environment.
  • To explain the relevance of Islamic fintech and the embodiment of shariah in blue and green SRI as well as sustainable investing, and its benefits and challenges.
  • To assess funding infrastructure for sustainable development, both on livelihoods and marine biodiversity as well as its correlation with Islamic finance.
  • To discuss ways to leverage on innovative Islamic fintech as a tool in safeguarding the environment.
4:00 PM – 4:15 PM Q&A session