WIEF PowerTalk – Embracing the Digital Revolution

9 June 2021

3.00 pm (UTC+8:00)


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Interview session with foreign ambassadors who reside in Malaysia, on their overall experience and challenges being quarantined in this country, while managing economic activities and issues brought on by the pandemic. It is also crucial to understand the paradigm shift towards digitisation during this period that has affected the whole world. Businesses that adopted digital transformation have an added advantage during this pandemic. Those resting on their laurels are surpassed by those that invested in adapting their digital capabilities to thrive in the post-pandemic economy. We would be able to understand the different approaches taken by different countries on adapting existing and new technologies that have helped them survive this critical period.

Outcome & Key Takeaways

  • Shared experience, challenges and ideas, by the ambassadors, on managing crisis, especially during the pandemic.
  • New insights on ways to manoeuvre economic activities, to benefit both the government and the people, during the pandemic.
  • Deliberation on public concerns, issues and challenges in regards with the government regulations, policies, corporate governance in Malaysia and their country of origin.
  • Insights on matters concerning the people, product, promotion, trade and investment and what can be done to address the aftermath of the pandemic.