Spain Interest to the Muslim World


Feb  19th

The WIEF Foundation’s philosophy of “building bridges through business” is at its peak on the 10th year. Spain’s recent interest and enthusiasm to engage Muslim countries in business and trade is an encouraging indication that our mission to serve as the financial and cultural gateway between the Muslim and non-Muslim world has indeed gained momentum.

Upon invitation by the Mayor of Córdoba, Spain, our chairman, the Hon Tun Musa Hitam, and Executive Director, Fazil Irwan Som, paid a visit to the country and attended a series of meetings with government representatives and business leaders.  Amongst them are Jose Antonio Nieto Ballesteros, Mayor of Córdoba, Ignacio Fernandez de Mesa, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Córdoba, Carmen Galan Sodevilla, Vice Chancellor, University ofCórdoba and Maryam Isabel Romero Arias, President of Junta Islamica.

Córdoba is a historical city with an astonishing legacy. An Iberian and Roman city in ancient times and the capital of an Islamic caliphate during the medieval period, Córdoba is packed with cultural and architectural wonders. It has been estimated that in the 10th century Córdoba was the most populous city in the world, and it was the intellectual centre of Europe.

Given its deep-rooted Islamic heritage, the Mayor of Córdoba is keen to establish the city to be the platform for halal industries, and the contact point of cultures and financial undertakings for Europe. The Córdoba Government stressed that they are looking at building a long-term partnership with the WIEF Foundation to create a conducive environment for Muslim and non-Muslims to cooperate in business and trade.

The WIEF Foundation’s visit to Spain was very successful and initial framework has been established. The first WIEF programme is scheduled to roll out in early 2015.

We are very happy to see that business partnerships are sprouting across borders and cultures like never before as we believe that these collaborations have a great potential to shape relations between nations and economies, promoting peace and prosperity between nations.