Prioritise Connectivity and Cooperation for the Region


Jun  11th


Global Institutional Linkages Meeting

“Leadership Agility & Talent Management”


KUALA LUMPUR, 11 June 2013 – Industry experts and academicians of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey joined The Honourable Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman, WIEF Foundation, to open the Global Institutional Linkages Meeting today.

Tun Musa told participants, “It is my hope that you come out of this Meeting with a vision that goes beyond debate and dialogue”. The Meeting’s other objectives are to increase interest and collaboration about global Leadership Agility & Talent Management, raise understanding of the challenges and inspire resilience in the face of complex global problems.

Tan Sri Dr Wan Mohd Zahid Wan Noordin, Chairman, WIEF Education Trust expressed “We are here as partners.” In order to ensure the future generations benefit from the current growth through greater academic connectivity and cooperation will require the involvement of neighbouring nations, the international community and the private sector, among other stakeholders.

Sharing of successful leadership and talent management models/framework which can be adopted by higher institutions are:

  1. Rizwan Khair, Director, Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University, Bangladesh
  2. Hjh. Inon Beydha Lukman, Head of Islamic Research Centre, University of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
  • Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud, Executive Director, Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabia
  1. Dr Cevdet Meric, Dean of Engineering Faculty, Fatih Univerrsity, Turkey
  2. Dr Zainal Sanusi, Deputy Director of Leadership Training, Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), Malaysia

The five nations present have an opportunity to accelerate existing development models to grow more sustainably than in the past. Regional collaboration, as well as the involvement of international businesses and organisations is essential components of the transformation described by Tan Sri Dr Wan Mohd Zahid Wan Noordin, Chairman, WIEF Education Trust. Both leaders expressed a shared desire to learn from positive examples and promote regional integration in achieving this goal.

Over 30 participants from the civil society, academia and corporate sector from 12 countries are convening to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Leadership Agility

& Talent Management for Higher Education Institutions at the Global Institutional Linkages Meeting, held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event was co-organised by the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UTM) and Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT).


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