New Internet Skills for 30 Budding Businesswomen in Kenya


Sep  8th

Following the success of the 1st Web-reach Internet Marketing Workshop in Malaysia, the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation rolled out a subsequent initiative outside the region. This year, the Foundation kicked off the first regional Internet marketing workshopon 4 – 8 September 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Created under the WIEF Businesswomen Network (WBN) and one of the Foundation’s many programmes aimed at enhancing the economic wellbeing of nations through increasing trade and business activities amongst them, the 1st Regional WIEF Web-reach Internet Marketing Workshop was a virtual avenue to makewaves for businesswomen online.

“We are dedicated to our mission in helping women entrepreneurs build online presenceand enhance their market reach, both locally and internationallyby providing step-by-step training on the usage of various Web2.0, social networking tools, and Internet marketing strategies that are most effective for marketing business online nowadays. I can’t begin to express my happiness to see 30 new online businesses coming into being at the end of this workshop,” said WBN Chairman Dato’ Dr.NorraesahMohamad during the closing ceremony of the workshop at Crowne Plaza Nairobi.

The closing was graced by the presence of Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication of KenyaDr.BitangeNdemo, WIEF International Advisory Panel (IAP) Member & Executive Chairman of Speedway Investments Ltd, KenyaMrs. Evelyn Mungai, and representatives from Chase Iman, the High Commission of Malaysia and Embassies of Uganda and Tanzania in Nairobi. The participants at the ceremony were abuzz with cheers and enthusiastic chatter having completed the five-day workshop, which includeddesigning their own websites from scratch. The businesswomen were awarded with certificates and received resounding applause from the audience upon the projection of their successfully created website during the ceremony.

Edith Bagenda, a participant from Uganda, shared, “You have nothing to be intimidated about even though you are a novice at Internet marketing. The instructors were very friendly and patient throughout the whole workshop.”

Edith BagendaandKwingayaMittowere just two of the many women entrepreneurs who were carefully selected from a range of businesses such ascraft, textile, renewal energy, agro business, apparel and boutique, travel and tourism, construction, food manufacturing, spa and beauty, education,and project consultancy.

“The tides are turning in favour of women in developing countries. Women are pushing the boundaries of their traditional roles while supporting their families, creating jobs and contributing to the waves of innovation emergingfrom the least likely of places. Women entrepreneurs—with their natural instincts for commerce—undoubtedly recognise the enormous potential of creating voice and presence online,” explained Mrs. Evelyn Mungai, WIEF International Advisory Panel (IAP) Member & Executive Chairman of Speedway Investments Ltd, Kenya.

“I am glad that WIEF, in their effort to lead way in empowering women, brought theworkshop to Nairobi to benefit the businesswomen here.These resilient women sell everything from fruits to homemade dresses,” Mrs. Evelyn Mungai added.

The five-day workshop contained practical modules that focused on search engine optimization techniques, viral-marketing platforms, photo and video marketing, and hands-on exercises on creating websites and pages on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare.

The workshop was organised by the WIEF Businesswomen Network with the support of Mrs. Evelyn Mungai and strategic partnerThe Coca-Cola Company and sponsor Chase Iman.

Since its inception, WBN has launched a series of initiatives designed to provide networking platforms for both aspiring and experienced women entrepreneurs through business programmes such as the WIEF Annual Businesswomen Forum, WBN Women Entrepreneurs Workshop, and the recent WIEF Web-reach Internet Marketing Workshop.


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