Economic Resilience: Inclusive Growth

Inspiring businesses from around the world

#PowerTalk is a series of short and powerful talks devoted to spreading inspiring business thoughts and ideas, based on updates and trends from various industries. The talk welcomes people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding on a variety of business topics and global issues. It is held during specific events and is recorded and shared live on YouTube and Facebook. 

We passionately believe in the power of ideas to change lives, lifestyle and the world we live in. In a way, we are building a platform of free knowledge from the industry’s most inspired thinkers to engage the community and share ideas both online and on-ground events.

#POWERTALK format :

  1. A one to one interview
  2. Live audience – limited
  3. Actual audience is netizens
  4. Recorded and live via Facebook and YouTube
  5. Easy access to recorded and live link
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