14th World Islamic Economic Forum

The 14th World Islamic Economic Forum will be held at the Congress Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan on 4 July 2018, in conjunction with the Official Opening of the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). As host to the 14th WIEF, AIFC will organise the Astana Finance Days Forum on 3-5 July 2018, which will feature major international events including the AIFC International Presentation.

Themed Inclusive Growth: A Resilient Future this distinct one-day edition of the Forum will focus on the significance of Islamic finance, in support of one of the core pillars of the AIFC. Engage and network with the global business community through insightful discussions and dialogues in the picturesque city of Astana, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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08:00 AM
09:00 AM

Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

11:00 AM

Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

Islamic finance industry is at a crossroads. Its continued dynamism requires it to strategically respond to the changing requirements of the global economy.

The session will explore:

  • strategies to elevate Islamic finance to the next level
  • ground breaking initiatives including digital innovation to seize opportunities in new growth areas and to re-energise the industry
  • regional and international collaborations between financial institutions, regulators and ministries to push the industry’s growth trajectory
12:00 PM

Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

The global Islamic capital market faces favourable prospects due to several international developments that broadened and deepened the market.

The session will address:

  • growth drivers of global Islamic capital market
  • how innovation, collaboration and technology can be leveraged to create greater efficiency
  • opportunities to capitalise similarities in the underlying principles between Islamic and sustainable investing
01:00 PM

Venue: Conference Hall 3, 2nd Floor, Congress Centre

02:00 PM
  • Promoting the Development of Islamic Fintech

    Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

    Islamic fintech is growing and there are increasing number of fintech startups, innovation labs and incubators based on the values and principles of Islamic finance. This situation gives rise to the development of entrepreneurship.

    The session will discuss:

    • how blockchain and other relevant technology-driven solutions can help boost the Islamic finance sector
    • how Islamic finance industry can take a prominent role to promote the development of Islamic fintech ecosystem
    • how Islamic finance industry can help tech startups and entrepreneurs to become successful
    • how entrepreneurs can help provide ideas to develop innovative financial solutions
  • Halal in the Technological Age

    Venue: Conference Hall 1, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

    Halal has emerged as a global movement that covers multitude of industries including food and beverage, Islamic finance, pharmaceutical, logistics, tourism, modest fashion, media and entertainment, and the creative arts. Halal industry has become one of the most competitive industries.

    The session will look into:

    • how technology and innovation can be expanded and improved to serve business needs and support integrated halal lifestyles
    • examples of tech innovations and resources that are useful to the halal industry
    • synergistic collaborations between relevant institutions to promote technological innovation in halal industry
03:15 PM
  • Islamic Banking & Takaful: Managing Risks, Driving Growth

    Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

    Despite excellent growth rates, takaful remains a small segment of Islamic finance, while the changing dynamics of Islamic banking industry has led to a slowdown of its growth.

    The session will address:

    • challenges faced by Islamic banking and takaful sectors
    • opportunities for growth and expansion to reach the next level of development
    • the new norm for Islamic banking and takaful
  • Redefining Business Leadership in the Digital Age

    Venue: Conference Hall 1, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

    Technology disrupts not only markets but also management behaviours. As the world becomes increasingly digital, business leaders are challenged to provide a new kind of leadership – one that taps into potential and to meet the challenges of an uncertain future.

    The session will address:

    • how digitisation will further change the playing field
    • effective management style in the digital age and how can it be cultivated
    • opportunities and threats from across networks, other businesses and major technology trends
04:30 PM

Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

Companies must be agile and quick to take advantage of opportunities. They must be ready for the future. Listen to views and experiences of the ThinkTalk speaker in successfully harnessing the potential of emerging opportunities and new approaches that has set him/her apart from the rest.

05:00 PM

Venue: Main Hall, 1st Floor, Congress Centre

06:00 PM


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Press Release

14th WIEF Focuses on Inclusive Growth and A Resilient Future Amidst Positive Global Economy Outlook
Astana, 14 March 2018 – AIFC (Astana International Financial Center) and WIEF (World Islamic Economic Forum) Foundation have sealed agreements today to hold the 14th WIEF on 4th July, 2018 at the EXPO Congress Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan.
Representatives at the agreement signing ceremony are Mr Kairat Kelimbetov, Governor of Astana International Finance Center, Tun Musa Hitam, Chairman of the WIEF Foundation, Mr Kairat Aitekenov, Deputy CEO of the AIFC Authority (AIFCA) and Tan Sri Dato’ Ahmad Fuzi Haji Abdul Razak, Secretary General of the WIEF Foundation...

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