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14th World Islamic Economic Forum

For the first time, the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation will proudly hold its 14th WIEF in Doha, Qatar on 20 - 22 October 2020. World leaders and captains of industries will be coming together to discuss and prepare nations for the future, through various activities at the Forum.

At this year's WIEF, you'll get to expand your network in the business community, explore ideas and establish long lasting business partnerships with companies and high level professionals from around the world in the fields that interest you.

If you're interested in participating in the exciting business atmosphere of the 14th WIEF, register your interest and we'll give you the latest updates and information on the happenings of the 2020 14th WIEF in Qatar.

*The date of the Forum and information on this website are not final and subject to change.


The combined value and collaborative performance of multiple nations or corporations, is far greater than the sum of an isolated entity, and improves economic growth exponentially. Without a doubt, united, we are strong. This factor triggers economic synergy, thus, paving the way towards steady growth which is imperative in building resilience against the backdrop of the current slowdown in the global economy.

Primary players of economic synergy are policy makers, captains of industry, professionals and every productive individual in the workforce. They must discuss the next big step towards sustainability, responsible industrialisation, future-changing innovation, durable financial system and equality. It is time to address the urgent need for new ways to deal with economic challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Forum Highlights

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are discussion sessions by distinguished panellists providing a variety of perspectives on a single topic, leading up to summarised conclusions.

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#PowerTalk serves as an online platform to share knowledge and engage the community with the latest business trends and ideas. Business Networking Breakfast is a networking event for certain industries. LinkedUp Lounge is a networking lounge where prearranged meetings between participants are held.

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Masterclasses are know-how sessions conducted by 1-2 speakers in a lecture format on a specific topic.

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MOCAfest: Art Festival

MOCAfest is an international creative arts showcase featuring film, visual and graphic arts, traditional and modern artistic performances in conjunction with the Forum.

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Complementary Programmes

The Complementary Programmes comprise a series of dedicated sessions for organisations or governments that wish to engage with an exclusive group of audience on specific topics of interest.

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The Exhibition is an extension of the Forum. It provides interested organisations the opportunity to promote their brand and showcase their products and services while directly engaging with guests and participants of the Forum.

Past Forums

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